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“To manufacture a cycle, repeatedly consume 1 unit each of handle, frame, tyres, and seat to produce 1 cycle. I have purchased 10 units of each raw material. After manufacturing 10 cycles, the stock balance for cycles got updated to 10, but the quantities of raw materials remain at 10.” Why

Hi @amal_31845

You have to raise a bom and then show that the rm is issued to stores for manufacturing.

For Eg.- you have to pass the stock entry in the system to record that raw materials have move out from warehouse, only then the system will update the stock count for the used raw materials

I hope I am clear with the explanation.

Can you elaborate @ShriramSheshadri
Step wise

Hi @amal_31845

While creating a Work Order, you have to enter the details of the warehouses for raw materials, fin. goods and wip.

After entering the warehouse details, you have to pass stock entries for issue of raw materials from wh to the stores and once the finished goods are ready, they will get transferred to the fg wh.

Please refer to the above ss, I hope I am clear now.


Did you hit the finish button in the work order after all operations are completed?

There should’ve been a stock entry (type Manufacture) created that updated the quantities of the raw materials and the finished goods.

Yes, once you work order is completed, you can hit the finish, that will automatically throw the stock entries and you can submit the stock entries.

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