Hi every one I have a lot of question about ERPnext I want halpe me about it

Frappe Framework: v13.0.0-beta.3 (version-13-beta)

the question as following

  1. How are loans linked to salaries so that the loans appear automatically in the payroll?
  2. Why does the consolidated financial statements not appear?
  3. I want to extract an account statement for the suppliers or clients according to the balance of each supplier and each customer?
  4. A ledger summary statement showing the amounts with canceled entries? Why?
  5. A ledger statement for any of the budget accounts that appears on a detailed level, not balance
  1. When adding a new asset, the addition is only done in RY currency , while we want to record the value of the asset in dollars currency or anther?
  2. How can more than one quantity be made in the asset’s items?
  3. When purchasing the assets, the value of the assets appears within the machinery and equipment under implementation, even though the account is registered within the machinery and equipment?
  4. How can inventory lists be created and compared to the balance in the system, especially for fixed assets?
  5. How can assets be recorded in warehouses and upon exchange, they are added to assets?
  1. How are buildings recorded within the assets, are they considered a class that is illogical?
  2. What is the meaning of the word required for appearing in the materials request form?
  3. The facility size is 10 mega maximum … do we need to grow?
  4. How is the attendance record linked to salaries so that the days of attendance and absence are shown automatically?
    15th . Leave allocation is not implemented on employees and the leave request must be before that what is called leave allocation Why ???
  1. How to make a statement of the employees’ financial entitlements, which are paid once, such as bonuses, aid, and transportation allowances?
  2. How to print a report consisting of more than 20 items without making more choices << 100-500, only the records shown in the screen are printed, which is not logical ??
  3. In the reports, in general, why is the serial number of the records not shown … as it appears in the review of the report?
  4. There are some icons that do not appear to me as a user, such as inventory count, although the user is granted the powers of a store manager. There are other cases, such as an icon providing an employee ??