Hi! How to add a chat widget (like intercom) on all pages of ERPNext (not website)

We are looking for a way to add a CHAT WIDGET (like the red circle in the attachement) on all pages of our ERPNext installation.
We are not using Intercom, but it’s similar. The Chat provider gives us a script and we have to paste next to the footer. I know how to do it in websites (html or Wordpress). However, I don’t know how to add this piece of code to ERPNext.

Any help will be appreciated!

@Michael_Mallmann may I introduce you to chat app built by frappe that you can install easily .
and you can try to add the code in the www/app.html file

Hi @bahaou , thanks for your reply!
The Frappe Chat you recommended is interesting, but a bit different than the solution I’m looking for.

We want to add a Chat Widget that has access to our Chatbot + AI + Knowledge Base (of the company) … so employees can ask questions related to their responsibilities and get answers/help on how to perform their job. I don’t know if the Frappe Chat you recommended have this kind a functionality.

Feel free to reach out in case you have more information! And Thanks again!

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@Michael_Mallmann hello again. I did something very similar using open ai chatgpt . all you need is a little bit of code editing in the app . it’s very easy to do , first I created a bot user or a virtual user and intercept all messages sent to him and using ai or chatbot he will answer the specific question. and it still can be used as a normal chat app between users.