Hi how to add e invoice

How to enable e invoice and if the customer is registered regular i want to make automatic e invoice how it can be acheive

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e-Invoice is not enabled for your company.

You have to enable e-Invoice from GST Settings.

For more information, you can refer to documentation.

what are the threshold which is mentioned here.
where i can change that

The threshold is for e-Waybill. You have to enable e-Waybill for automatic e-Waybill Generation.

for generating e invoice what is the paymen details for erpnext

For API usage you have to purchase Credits.
You can purchase credits from the India Compliance Account Page.

We recommend Frappe Cloud for hosting your site. It comes bundled with India Compliance API features and hence India Compliance Account won’t be accessible there.

do we need credits to generate e-Invoice @Lakshit_Jain

Yes, you need to purchase credits for generating e-Invoice.
For each successful API request 1 API Credit is used.

For New-users the India Compliance team is providing trial credits(One thousand) for three months.
Free credits get activated on e-mail verification.

what if the erpnextuser is from saudi arabia

Do you want e-Invoicing for Saudi Arabia? Your query appears to be for the India Compliance app.

Kindly note the e-Invoicing in India is only applicable for those companies that are registered for GST in India. It’s not applicable for any other company, even if the Customer is Registered Regular as per GST norms in India. So unless your ERPNext user from Saudi Arabia is registered as a GST taxpayer in India, e-Invoicing in India will not be applicable for them (and I don’t think you need India Compliance installed either).

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Hi @snv,

I mentioned the category India compliance because the user asked the e-invoice-related question.
so… ignore the category.

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