Hi there team / community! Working in a Spanish project with ERPNEXT


In the coming months I’ll be working in my first project with ERPNEXT in Valencia, Spain. There are plans to implement most of the ERPNEXT modules.

So, I’ll be sharing my experience over time and would like to give my support too.

Finally, I would like to do some spanish promo videos of the product once the ERP is implemented in my client. So, I will share them :smile:

Kind regards!


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Forgot to say that it’s very impressive what you have already done in ERPNEXT.

Great job! Congrats!


@rtimagine thanks for your kind words! Look forward to your case study :smile: All the best.

Its really a very user friendly application having lots of functionality.
Well done ERPNext team and Rishabh!!! Great work.