Hi ! Trouble Installing WN and erpnet.com

Hi All,

For past some days, I am trying to install eprnext on my local box (
Ubuntu- Lucid Lynx). Basically, I am a web developer that too focused
on the HTML/CSS/Javascript ( aka as front end ) side of it. I have
tried to download all the packages and follow the steps as described
at Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.
and also at http://geexhq.com/webnotes/. But I am stuck up with the
installation.I have little to no experience in python as well.

Is it possible that someone uploads a VirtualBox ( or VMWare or XEN or
whatever deems fit ) image of preinstalled WN framework and erpnext ?
That would save a lot of time and developer could directly jump start
on the development. Guess it would be just great for the adoption as

Services like dropbox.com could be used to host the image online. I am
willing to host it myself, if some one can prepare the image and send
it to me.