Hidden left side bar

I am facing a strange problem. After recent update to Frappe 14.22.0 and Erpnext 14.12.1, I am not seeing the left side bar in home. I am using Firefox. This seems to be browser issue as there was no problem in Chrome and Edge. This issue was not resolved even after using private mode in firefox, or even after clearing all cache, or even after reinstalling a fresh copy of firefox. This issue even is seen in firefox mobile app (android). Everything was fine before the update.

Another interesting issue is: The hidden left side bar re appears when editing the workspace.

This disappears upon Clicking on Discard. However, this bar persists if I first click on edit and then make some changes to the workspace and hit save. But again this disappears on browser refresh.

Has anyone been facing similar issues ?

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i’m facing the same problem too. i didn’t know it was only in firefox. thanks for the information. please let me know if you have found a solution. i’ll do the same too. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s been raised as a bug on Github, hopefully the developers will be able to fix it soon.

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