Hide 'Cancelled Documents'

Could I hide cancelled documents in Sales Order, Sales Invoice and Delivery Note

In my system there are some “filters” set as persistent so that every time I open the Sales Invoices module the canceled documents are not shown in the list.

Here is what it looks like:

In the above picture I have clicked on the filter so you can see how it is configured.

To set one, just click the “Add Filter” button and set the parameters as you see here and the canceled docs will not be displayed. In my system (v10) once a filter is set is stays set every time you log into the system so it will remain that way unless you delete the filter.

I have my developers take it a step further and set the canceled docs as persistent so that even if I delete the filter, it will be re-imposed on my next login. I am not sure how that was done, but if you do not delete it once you set it the first time, then it will also stay in place and you don’t really have to do what I had me devs do for me.

Hope this helps… :sunglasses:


I think, we can customize here:

@rachanna no you cannot customize it at field level. The depends on field is used to display that particular field if certain conditions are met.

The solution proposed by @bkm will will work the best in your case. Click on the “Add Filter” button and set Document Status !=Cancelled.

Hope this helps.