Hide/Disable a custom field button

I want to hide/disable a custom field button within a script

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Hi ruchin78

Hiding is easy, just customize the form, select field, click on check box “Hidden”, update your window and it will be hidden.

But i’m not able to disable it, i need some help on that, how to show a field but don’t let it be modifiable?


Hi RafaAgulair,
First of all thankyou for your reply.
You didn’t understand my question well I want to do it on the basis of script.
Anyways I have already got the solution of my problem.

But for your problem the solution is:
frappe.meta.get_docfield(this.doctype, fieldname, this.frm.docname).read_only=0
frappe.meta.get_docfield(this.doctype, fieldname, this.frm.docname).read_only=1

It will make the field read-only true and false.
Also, you can use the following code:

cur_frm.set_df_property(“group”, “hidden”, false);


cur_frm.get_field(“fields”).grid.toggle_reqd(“fieldname”, true);

Ruchin Sharma

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Can you share how can you hide/disable custom button @ruchin78