Hide Field in List view based on permission


Is it possible to hide this column based on permission?

I have User XYZ that can access sales order but he shouldn´t be able to see to Grand Total of my sales order, I managed to hide the fields based on permission inside the documents but in list view the user can see the value!

Does anynone have any clue of how to get this working?

Try the following and please let me know the result:
You can give permission for users to see field and disallow other users to see this field, so I think that users that does not have the permission to see the field, they will not see it in the list view.

I am assuming that you know how give permission for users based on fields (restrict field viewing for certain users).


Thanks! I did that, users inside each sales order can´t see the values but in the list view of sales order they can :frowning:

Maybe query permission can help you, please check below and let me know if it resolved your problem:

And this link:



hehe, i have no ideal of how to get this working rsrsrsrs
I Should look in custom script?

You should be able to write some code.

Hello @Eduardo_Gomes

Which erpnext version u r running?
Because it seems this problem is existed with version 11 and was not existed in version 10.