Hide fields from List View filter

Hello community. Ran into a small issue, when hiding unnessary fields using the Customize Form, that field does not get removed from the Filter.

For example, in the attached image, all the fields that start with XXX is “hidden” using the Customize Form. I even went as far as hiding it from the DocType itself.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks guys.

Hi @iMoshi,

I have fixed the Issue and have opened a PR for it. You can track the progress here



Thank you so much! This was very quick of you!

Thank you again so much! Stay safe :heart:

Edit: I’ve directly edited the code following yours on Github and gave it bench migrate and bench build and bench clear-cache and bench restart. But the fields are still being shown. Does this code depend on something else as well?

I’m on latest stable builds of the apps.

Which version are you using ?? We will be releasing a new version of v12 in 3-4 days, and in testing, this feature passed the tests. If you are using v12, request you to wait till the release and then just update your instance.

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stable channel patches mostly released third week of every month.

Gotcha. I’ve tried the patch on both develop and stable. Haven’t worked for me, or it’s just me doing something wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I will be waiting for the v12 patch :slight_smile:

I think the PR only works for Report View…not List View filters. There should be an option to hide/unhide fields from filter in List View

Just a headsup, the PR isn’t working ;p still able to see fields that should’ve been hidden on “Filter by” on list view, also on Report builder as well.

Hope we see this fixed soon :slight_smile:

Stay safe guys :slight_smile: