Hide fields in standard filter

I want to hide few fields from my doctype in filters options for list view. Example, my field “A” should not come in filed drop down while applying filter in list view. Tried making in_filter:0, in_standard_filter:0 in JSON file. But not helping , still those fields are coming in filter drop down. Any ways to achieve this?

Hi @shreelaxmi,

If you do not reload (Ctrl + Shift + R) the site then reloads it.

If the issue is not solved then please update/upgrade your version and then reload and check it. but first, take a backup.

Thank You!

Hi , I think I was not clear with my question. the fields come in standard filters as shown below, i want few fields not to be shown in drop down. For xample I dont want to show email in filter drop down. ANy help would be highly approciated. :slight_smile:

I think it’s not possible.
If possible I haven’t any idea so sorry for that.

Thank You!

did you find any way to accomplish this?

you can do it using override List View Class in Javascript.