Hide_name_column and Name filter

Is there a reason that hide_name_column hasn’t been exposed as an option in the GUI? The need for it seems frequent enough that it merits proper exposure.

Also, while hiding the name column does hide the column in list view, it leaves the ‘Name’ filter in place which is confusing to users. Is there a prescribed way to disable the filter?


I absolutely agree. :100:

One more thought. For one of my clients, I’ve actually started editing the code, so that “name” displays as “ID” instead. I’m trying to update the most-visible pages first (List Pages, filters).

Because the name 'name', as a mandatory and primary key, is incredibly confusing and misleading. Plus all the undocumented behaviors when you change title, naming series, etc.

Fun Fact: Add a field named “enabled” to your custom DocType, and it will automatically display on your List Page as Status. Whether you want it to. Or not. It does not respect the “In List View” control. :roll_eyes: