Hide or Limit access basic menu

Hi Team,

I am finding a way to hide these menu/button, trying to check “Role Permission Manager” and “User Permission Manager”, but still no luck.

What i am trying to do is, create a new Role as “TestPerm”
Create new user “testuser”, put it into only that role “TestPerm”.

In “Role Permission Manager”, i select “Todo” - Add new rule, and select “TestPerm”, Permission level = 0

Then, trying to unselect all checkbox regard to “TestPerm” and got following message at “Create” permission:
For TestPerm at level0 in ToDo in row 1: No basic permission set

How could i hide/block specific user/role to access menu or button completely?
Thank you.

@bzero currently this feature is not available in ERPNext. Can you create a feature request on GitHub for this?

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thanks @shachiTakalkar
i will open a feature request.