Hide order/administration costs on Delivery Note

Normally we are charging ‘Order and administration costs’ for every order we get. I added this as an Item to ERPNext. I add this item to the Quotation, Sales Order and Sales Invoice. On the Delivery Note I would like to hide this Item since it’s not an item which should be delivered. How can this be done?
Or is there a better way to add ‘Order and administration costs’ to the grand total? Also now the ‘Order and administration costs’ are shown in the ‘Ordered Items to be delivered’. Since it does not have to be delivered, I would not like to get it on the list. I already unchecked the ‘Maintain stock’ checkbox.


If it’s a non-stock item, it should not be shown in the ‘Ordered Items to be delivered’ report? can you share the screen grabs of item, SO and report? If it is, please raise a Github Issue as a bug please.

From the delivery note, you will have to manually reduce the item. If you are booking income for this item, then adding it as a item should be fine. You can also consider adding it in the Taxes and Charges table, as an Actual, and enter the amount.

Okay, thanks! Then I think using the Taxes and Charges table is the best way to do this.

Now I’m facing the same problem for something else. Sometimes our customer want our products to be coated. How can i add this to the Quotation, Sales Order and Sales Invoice without being on the Delivery Note and ‘Items to be delivered’ report? I already tried this with variants, but that won’t work…