Hide row numbering from script report

Is there a way to hide the row numbers that appear in the first column of any report?

we don’t define the Sr No in the report and row[0] is the 2nd column after it ,
How can i hide the row ,Sr nos?

Reason i want this — Better auditing and clarity really , i have hidden duplicate fields from report to only show one per each group.see below

Now the second customer is showing sr no 5 , i cant seem to make it 2.
is there a way to completely hide this column ?


I’m also interested in this.

Did you manage to solve the sorting issue, if you for example click on “Customer Group” the “same item” will not stay together as each row is sorted independently.
We have some items which are located in multiple warehouses and had the idea to show only Warehouse and Quantity fields so it’s easy to see it’s the same item…but sorting does not work then.

Actually i didn’t realize ,this issue until you pointed it out , Thanks,

Well for that we are just added a filter on top , and search for each group on that.
You can always do order by group in query if you want it by default.

Still no solution for Sr no though , seems its in the report interface class in the framework itself.

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I too would like to hide the Row numbering from the script report, especially when it is a summary report. Is there a way to do it?


Hi, did anyone solve the numbering issue? :smiley: thanks in advance

If its a script report, try this in this JS file:

frappe.query_reports["Report Name"] = {
        "filters": [

        after_datatable_render: table_instance => {

Here I have just added the following after the filters:

        after_datatable_render: table_instance => {

Thanks @vimalraj It’s solved the issue for y report.

May I know how to increase width of this column.