Hide some field of child table?

I have some filed that I want to hide a field
I have tried some of the solutions but it is not reflecting on child
frappe.meta.get_docfield(“Material Request Item”, “block” , cur_frm.doc).hidden=1
it is showing on cur_frm.doc that it’s value is been hidden but on grid view, it is still showing it.
Does anyone have a solution to it?

From Customize Form uncheck In List View option

By this it will hide specific Column but I want to hide row according to parent table Field

In “Display Depends On” you can do something like eval:parent.PARENT_FIELD

@lucasvazq But afetr writing Display Depens On also my column in child table still shows on screen .it s not hidden. Why this happen?

if we write ‘Display Depends On’ and still it matters our js files code