Hide some row of child doc on custom print using jinja

On a custom print, created using Print Format Builder I have the below

{% for row in doc.taxes %}
{% if row.hidden %}
//hide row here
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

Is the above possible, i.e. to hide say one of the rows with hidden ticked, and display other rows where hidden is not ticked?

You can achieve this by slightly modifying taxes.html, in erpnext/templates/print_formats/includes. Just that this impacts a bit on future updates

@glz you can avoid the impact on future updates, just moving that template to an app installed on the site, you are customizing.

If it’s a the same relative place instead of be in ERPNext or Frappe apps, the framework will pick-up your customization.

@max_morais_dmm Thank you.

Will pursue this route.