Hide special item on print layout

We created a special item called ‘TITLE’ which are used only to describe the doctype content. So this item just has description, don’t have qty, amount and rate. We’d like to hide its qty, amount and rate on the print layout. Our solution is changing html code in item_table_qty.html and creating item_table_amount.html like item_table_qty.html etc.
The changed item_table_qty.html:
{% if (doc.item_code !=“TITLE”) -%}
{% if (doc.stock_uom and not doc.is_print_hide(“stock_uom”)) or (doc.uom and not doc.is_print_hide(“uom”)) -%}
{{ doc.uom or doc.stock_uom }}
{%- endif %}
{{ doc.get_formatted(“qty”, doc) }}
{%- else -%}

{%- endif %}
The item list print layout will be (qty, amount, rate are blank):

By the way, I’ve created an issue on git,the link is Hide special item on print layout · Issue #4772 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub, but I used an example that was not appropriate. So I’d like to discuss this issue in here again. Any reply will be appreciated.

@Jasmine your query is not very clear. Do you want to remove that item?

@jasmine as per your description you don’t want show Quantity , Rate , Amount for Item “TOTAL”
Then try below code in your Print Format that show only Index(Sr) and Description if item_code ==“TOTAL”

<table class="table table-condensed table-hover table-bordered">
    {%- for row in doc.items -%}
    {%- if row.item_code != "TOTAL"-%}
       <td>{{ row.idx }}</td>
      <td>{{ row.qty }}</td>
      <td>{{ row.rate }}</td>
      <td>{{ row.amount }}</td>
    {%- else -%}
      <td>{{ row.idx }}</td>
       <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" colspan="4">{{row.item_code}}</td>
     {%- endif -%}
   {%- endfor -%}

@rmehta Thanks your reply, I don’t want to remove that item. I just don’t want to show Quantity , Rate , Amount for Item “TITLE” which is created by ourselves for only describing the doctype content.
we already had a solution: change item_table_qty.html and item_table_description.html etc.
I’m just wondering if there is other solution for this case.

@Jasmine maybe this should be hookable via a custom app, but no can’t think of another solution