Hide status field for sales user after submitting Sales Order

Hi Team,

SALES USER can create sales order and after submitting SO there will a status field ( Hold or Close, Resume etc ) but the condition is sales user should not have access to change the status or in other way how to disable the status field ( Hold ,close , resume ) to SALES USER but not to SALES MANAGER after submitting sales order.

And Sales Manager should have access to change the status fields either he can reopen, close , on hold , resume
Please find the screen shot

If I understood correctly, Hold, Resume, … are status
1- You could create a worflow for that. From Workflow List, you could set which role can modify the given status and when. (I know it’s doable, but I never done it)
2- You could also use custom code in js/py to check who’s trying to change the field and if the user have the permissions to do so. You can fetch the user’s permission and match it to what you want. (I have the code for this one if you want)

Hope this is what you were looking for!

Please share the code.