Hide 'Status' field in Print/Email in Quotation


Does anybody have an idea as how I can hide the Status field in the print view in the Quotation doctype? I understand it helps to track the status of the order but its not needed when we print / email it to the customer. I tried doing the customize form and customize print format but cant seem to figure out where the “Status - Draft” field is coming from. Would appreciate if someone can help me out on this.


Hi @boysfrancis

The “Draft” word comes when the document is not submitted, and therefore not finalized. It therefore prevents users who do not have permission to submit it, from printing and submitting it to the customer without approval.

In case you are running ERPNext on your local server, you can check the file: frappe/frappe/templates/print_formats/standard_macros.html to change remove that status.
Else, if you’re on hosted, drop an email to the ERP team.


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Thanks Tanuj for the quick reply. Will try out the solution you recommended.