Hide the prices from BOM

Hello, We have implemented ERPNext in ur company from few weeks and we are very happy with it. Our company produce custom made machines and we want to use the BOM function for our standard groups. The BOM will be created and used by our mechanical engineers but the prices are managed from our buyer manager so we don’t want that the mechanical engineers can view the prices.

It is possible to hide the prices from the BOM only for certain users?

You can manage this from permission of particular fields.
Refer following link -

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Priya, Thank you very much for your quick reply!!!

I have another question for you. Our company can buy the same item from multiple suppliers so for this reason I created multiple buying price lists for each supplier.

The problem is that in the BOM you can select only one general price list and the products in the BOM can have multiple prices in multiple price lists. There is a way to select the individual price list for each item instead of selecting a general price list for the entire BOM?

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Can you please help us on this matter?

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