Hide Unhide Module Per Role App

Hi I would like to share this simple app

What does it do:

  1. You can hide/unhide Modules per Role which will be applied to Users with that Role.
  2. You can Hide Icons Globally.

What I’m trying to solve:

I'm creating modules and there are a lot of doctypes & reports within it. I Want to hide these modules and create individual desktop Icons for each doctype & reports and hide the modules so that only the shortcuts will be shown. And it is a tedious thing to do if you are going to unhide modules manually to each user, especially if you have tons of users.

I know for the fact that you can actually hide modules/doctypes if you set the roles. But I have a module that several type of Roles can access it. Ex.

I have Role A and B
and I have Module X
and Doctype Y and Z

Both Role A and B can access Module X, since Role A can access Doctype Y and Role B can access Z. Now instead of going to Module X, I created shortcut desktop icons for Doctype Y and Z for users directly access it. And I want to hide Module X’s Desktop Icon. By integrating frappe’s code to this App that I created:




@johnskywalker Nice!

I see you are making a school management app, why not merge it with the Schools module in ERPNext?

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@rmehta Thanks!

Yes we are. Actually @ccfiel started this school management app, then I later joined him. We still need to study other countries school system first, because it might not fit since what we are trying to solve as of the moment is the school management here in the Philippines, and we think that there are differences with other countries education system. Once we figure out the common we will merge it in Schools module in ERPNext :slight_smile:


Its ultimately your call, but the sooner you merge the better it might be for the long term!