Hide weekend - choose days

Hello all,
Greetigs of the season to all!
Any one could help / give pointers on how to choose which days to hide when clicking on the “hide weekends” button at the bottom of a calendar view?
In some countries, weekend is Friday/Saturday. How could I make sure that these days are hidden instead of the default (Saturday / Sunday)?

I have read already these posts:

and these links:

But couldn’t find an answer. Any help is appreciated.


I found the answer if you still looking for it
inside /sites/assets/frappe/js/lib/fullcalendar/fullcalendar.min.js search for
(“weekends”)&&n.push(0,6) 0 and 6 are the days that wll be hidden . you can change it to just 6 to hide only saturday . or create a field in settings and get the data from database.