Hiding documents when assigning

Hey guys,

how would i hide documents from other users onvce the are assigned, ie assign a lead to a sales user, then other sales users cannot see that lead?

You can do that using user permission.

can you give me a more detailed answer if possible, im busy with roles at the moment, so how exactly would i set a permission that when a lead is assigned that its only viewable to that user and the admin, conseqently for any doctype

Enabling “Only If Creator” should work, please test it as I am not 100% certain.

let me try, i dont think when assigning it it means the new user is the creator but ill check

Did it work?

no couldnt get it to work properly

Just tested it, as of v14 this works properly. Assigning a document to a user gives them permission despite them not being document creator.
From the amount of posts you added today, I see you are having trouble configuring your ERPNext, if you need any help you can PM me and I will happily assist you.

i just completly broke my erpnext

any ideas

Restore your database from your Frappe Cloud dashboard. Remove the app that broke your instance. If no heavy customization has been done already, I recommend starting fresh.

damn what did i do wrong, i have been customising the doctypes alot, i managed to get it up and running on another site but with the public and privte files. it says those are invalid file types. can you tell me what i did wrong?

I have no idea what you did exactly. Again, if you need direct help setting up or configuring ERPNEXT you can PM me. I will happily assist you via Telegram/Whatsapp. Otherwise, start a different post regarding this issue and keep the discussion related to the original post.

can i have your whatsapp, maybe you can give me lessons on this

Sent you a PM.