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Hello everyone,

we are seriously evaluating ERPNext and trying to adapt it to our needs, and we have found a small problem: we are adding images for the products, but we don’t want them to be shown in the “Delivery Note” when printing. We have tried modifying such form but there’s no “Image” nor “Image_view” field in there, and we have tried to disable the printing of both “Image” and “Image_view” fields in the “item” form, but to no avail.
How can this be achieved?

Thank you very much in advance.

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@carlostmp Welcome to ERPNext community! :smile:

  1. Go to Setup > Printing > Print Format Builder
  2. Then Select Delivery Note DocType to make new format
  3. Now Click on Select Columns button next to Items (Table)
  4. Uncheck Image from the list
  5. Now Click on Update button
  6. Save button
  7. You will get this new format when you will print delivery note, just select it from main drop down menu on printing screen under ERPNext.

here is one more solution
Go to customize form > select Delivery Note Item in from type
Select field Image of field type Attach

Check Print Hide option, this will hide image from your delivery note standard print format

Note: The form type is Delivery Note Item, not Item or Delivery Note.
Its child table in Delivery Note Doctype.


yashodhan, kolate_sambhaji: thank you VERY much for your prompt responses.
Finally we have chosen kolate’s solution, as we will probably not need images printed anytime. Our fault was indeed not modifying “Delivery Note Item”; thank you!
But we find yashodhan’s solution great for another tweak we needed to address right now: having the possibility to print a form with and without some fields (i.e. not showing discount fields when not in use for some customers, and such). So no need to further ask: thank you :+1:
We had read that ERPNext’s community was great, and we can only confirm that…


I’m glad your issue is resolved…
Please make sure to give back to community as and when you will find it fit… We certainly need more voice and volunteers… Thanks

Thank you again.
It’s hard for us to be helpful for the rest of users as of now, as we are starting to use ERPNext and we can be considered newbies on it. But I’ve created this thread Pro Tips to speed up ERPNext Implementation to try to help newcomers to find some basic solutions when they start to work on this software.
At least, this thread would have been useful for us when we started! Hehehe

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