Hiding selected records for a user

Hi, I want to hide selected records for selected user.

Any Suggestion

Use case ??

@hereabdulla I have few records which has been marked Stop, so dont want to show same to selected user

@Sumit_AroraI I cant catch ur point,if u dont mind,please elaborate

@hereabdulla. A user has created few Material Request and also has submitted same, now later on when he find it is not require he wants to remove it. As submitted records cant be remove, so I thought to hide it.
User has already marked it to Stop, but he is still able to see it, which creating confusion.

So do you have any idea how to hide any record for a user if it is already submitted.

Submitted records can be cancelled and the same can be deleted

@hereabdulla I also thought so, but I guess Material request cant be cancel, it show only one option to Mark it “STOP”


Hi @Sumit_Arora, You can suggest users to use filters. Hope this can help them.