Hierarchial Customers in ERPNext

Hi all,

I have a new requiement now. I need to have hierarchial customers for a client.
That is, the ERP Administrator has some agents, that agents have some retailers (traders) and they have some end customers.
The admin want to know the each level of his customers ( agents, retailers and customers all are Admin’s Customer) and the transaction flows.

The customer is of which retailer, that retailer comes under which Agent etc.

Is this posible in current version of ERPNext? or with minor or medium changes can I implement this?

Can anyone answer me or can give me a hint please…?

Thank you…

If you dont need to report all sales under a specific customer out of the box, you could simply just create a custom field for agents, retailers atc. in the customer doctype and link it to another customer which represents the parent.

I suppose you could write custom reports to draw up the necessary reports where required as well. Wouldnt say its not achievable.

Thank you @bohlian
Just like my thoughts…
So it is the way…