High Memory Usage But Low CPU


I;m using SSD VPS on digital ocean 4CPU and 8GB RAM with 8GB database size. It keeps getting crash, internal server error, timeout.

InnoDB buffer pool size is 6GB

htop shows full memory & swap usage,but very low CPU usage (< 10%). What does this mean? Can anybody point it out? Do I need increase RAM for this situation?


It may help to say the operating system , version of ERPNext and if this is happening on a new installation or an installation that has been working well up until now.

frappe&erpnext v12.8 on ubuntu 20 lts. This happens since I restored 8GB of databases

The amount of swap relative to memory seems small, increasing that might help. I might try that first.

You haven’t reboot your server from 61 days. I guess doing regular server maintenance will overcome this issue.

i dont think that a “just reboot” approach is a professional and useable solution.
besides the point that I dont think it will help. this is not a windows98 machine…

I know you are not using windows machine but server maintenance is one of the essential periodic task.
Hope you understand.

agree, server maintenance may be necessary. but suggestion a random reboot to overcome high memory usage is not a useful recommendation on a production system.
i know environments that run for years without a reboot…

but maybe you can define more clearly what you mean with “server maintenance”?