High usage cpu frappe user

Some one help me to solve issue
We are using Cloud server digitalocean 8GB/4CPU but frappe use user High usage cpu

Frappe user is not the issue here. It’s the kswapd0 process. Usually it consumes 100% CPU when’s the is an out of memory situation and the hard drive cannot keep up. Check Google for you kswapd issue.

Btw, how many users is this server for? And is your storage ssd?

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Total user around usieng daily 70-90
Storage 60GB

Kswapd is running because you need more ram.

Not necessarily kswapd is know to run full steam even when you disable swap.

To be fair, you could try disabling the swap completely since you have a good amount of ram left over.

Kswap is especially brutal if your hard disk is not ssd.

If you look in this screenshot, you can see that the swap is completely full even though you have plenty of ram left over. either disable swap or reduce swappiness to 10.

cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness to check present swappiness and sudo sysctl vm.swappiness=20 to reduce it to 20.
A swappiness of 60 means that your system starts swapping when your ram is 40% full.
A swappiness of 20 means that your system starts swapping when your ram is 80% full.

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