Higher load on server


Is anyone experiencing a higher ram comsumption on his server since v5?

I changed to a new VPS server with Debian 7 64 bits and 512M of ram, from Debian 7 32 bits and 256 M, and noticed that the load on the server was higher than before, which I think it is normal since 64 bits should use more memory for the programs?!

I was at 70-75% ram consumption on this new server with V4, and I have noticed that after updating to v5, the server is most of the time now between 80-90%.

What are your ram comsumption on your server?

I only have Virtualmin, csf and ERPNext, and only 2 users use the server.

Thanks and kind regards from Spain,

And ERPNext is going very sloooow.

Is it my server? I think this is since the issue with Redis server!?

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Is it possible that is a use with Chrome (Chromodo)? In Firefox goes at a more normal speed.

I was waiting all marning for each form to complete in Chrome!!

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So, does it run okay on firefox and slow on chrome?
What version of ERPNext are you using?

Is the machine swapping a lot to disk (as your RAM is low)?

Hi pdvyas,

Thank you for your email.

Yes, there was a considerable difference.

I love ERPNext because the Lookup fields work great, and very fast.

Before in Chrome I had to wait several seconds for the Lookup field to start getting values. Now in Firefox is back to normal.

I am experiencing this Chrome slowness since yesterday. It was normal before.

I am using v5, and I did yesterday a bench update, had the Redis cache issue, and updated again as per your instructions:

bench update
bench retry-upgrade
sudo supervisorctl reload
sudo service nginx reload

I don’t think the machine is swapping a lot, but I am not an expert at all. I am sending attached a screenshot as you will have more criteria than me.

I must say that I was using Chromodo, that is a modified version of Chrome by COMODO, but is basically Chrome.

Many thanks and kind regards from Spain,

I test often in Chrome and have not seen any difference. Could be an issue related to the redis cache (?)

Hi rmehta!

Many thanks for your reply.

I do not know what it was. I switched back to Firefox, which I like more than Chrome, and just now I have tried again with Chrome and it seems to be back to normal the page load time.

Whatever it was, it has gone.

I am loving the new user interface and the new improvements!! Congratulation on your great job, many thanks and kind regards from Spain,

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It’s definitely Redis. When our issue with Redis got fixed everything went faster.

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