Highlight items in the item table based on their item group

A client of mine was asking about this and I think that it can be generally useful for everyone, so I’m proposing this here to implement it in the ERPNext core.

The problem was that my client wasn’t able to distinguish the individual items from each other by just skimming through the Accounting documents, to determine whether the last invoice to the client purely consisted of “Services” or just “Products” or maybe both.

So the solution was to highlight them somehow and the method of highlighting that is used is simply a different background color for each row in the item table based on the item’s group.

So add a new field to Item Group, I called it highlight_color. For now I just used a select type field and added the names of the colors, like [Red, Blue, Green, ...]. The better solution would be to use a color picker as a new type of field.

Example of WordPress’ Color Picker

My current implementation
Blue is Item Group Products and Orange is Item Group Services.

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