Highrise Dropbox Feature: Email Parser emails to ERPNext as leads/opportunity

Dear Community,
Currently, we are using Highrise as a Customer DB, in which we document all interactions. Highrise offers a feature called Dropbox, which provides an email-address for every customer.
This is email-address “grabs” all information inside an email, if you have put it in the cc or redirected it to it, and creates a comment to the customer view, similar to how ERP handles internally send E-Mails.

Due to the fact, that we want to use Gmail for communication, we would like to find a service or develop a service which provides a similar functionality.

The structure of the email looks like that: deal+dropbox@89775266.companyname.highrisehq.com

As far as I understand, it is basically a service, which parses the content of the email and then maps it to the id of the customer.

User Story:
As a user, I want to be able to tag conversation with a customer through a customer email address or anything else, in order to not have to tag it manually afterwards.

@Mario_Truss I asked a very sinilar question here:

Could you elaborate on what your specific question is?

@Martin_Seibert I did not know or remember that this already exists. Of engineer in my team told me that “Dropbox” is not the ideal term for the general functionality. I did not search for specifically for that term; that’s why I did not find your post here.

But As I have already seen, you already got a ton of feedback. I will look through it and will add my thoughts if necessary.