Hiring a mid-senior Frappe developer for our traceability solutions arm at IoTReady.co


Here’s the pitch:

  1. You will inherit and grow the apps that power 0.5% of India’s fruit, vegetable and meat supply and track and pay well over 40000 drivers across the country.
  2. You will build APIs and solutions around our best-in-class IoT hardware devices - including RFID, barcode scanners and various data loggers.
  3. You will join a team that’s laid foundations for 3 years and is now growing aggressively with big brand customers like BigBasket and Sun Pharma.

I am the founder and CEO. I built the v1 for all our Frappe apps and will directly mentor/guide you. Compensation will include vested equity. Happy to answer any questions.

Feel free to write to me at tej@iotready.co




I just booked my ticket for Frappeverse and will be there on the 9th - hit me up if you would like to chat in person.


See you there on 7-8th Sep.