Holiday List Vs. Working Schedule

Hello Team,

Does ERPNext offer a differentiation between holidays and normal scheduled off days for an employee?

It is customary to have a schedule, independent of holidays. For example, employees typically have off weekends (Saturday and Sunday), yet additional days are allotted for holidays. I would not want to create a holiday list which includes every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year. That would be redundant.

Ideally, when entering a new employee a working schedule would be specified (i.e. M-F 8AM -5PM). Then a holiday list would be applied based on the standard Holidays offered by the company. This would allow for tracking of Holidays, which are considered PTO vs. standard off days which are not.

What is the best way to do something like this?

Thanks for any advice!

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@sellisjr as per the current implementation you might have to create separate holiday lists for different schedules.

This seems to be still relevant.

Somehow we would need two types of holidays as OP explained. In many (if not all) European countries it is needed to differentiate:

  1. In the payroll: Number of holidays in the month not being Saturday/Sunday. These are calculated as payment days, while others not.

  2. In general if someone works on Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday it is differently paid. Eg. bank holiday might be the most paid, Sunday less, while Saturday same as the other days.

What are good ways with the current implementation to cover these scenarios - especially 1?