Holiday marking of Vacations for School

In a School environment, we have more than 30 days Summer vacation for employees (teachers) and around 15 days Diwali vacation. In Holiday list we can add only 1 date at a time and it becomes too tedious to add vacations if we go by this method. Can anyone suggest a workaround?

You can use data import using excel to upload the vacation days together. Hope it helps

So I am guessing these are holidays for employees. What about holidays for students in the academic year?

We would like to mark the holidays for the students… can you suggest a method? So essentially we want to make sure that when someone tries to schedule a class on a day that is a public holiday (declared in the holiday list) the system should prompt the user that this is a public holiday… maybe still allow the scheduling, but at least prompt. And show up on the calendar as a holiday.

For now it seems that Holiday list and Course Schedule are independent DocTypes.

Please let me know if there is a simple way.