Hooks for setup_wizard_complete

In some discuss posts I see there is a hook named setup_wizard_complete to execute method after setup wiz is completed.
But in the current (v11) ERPNext hooks I don’t see that hook. Is it deprecated?

I want to use this because I want to execute a method from a custom app that get company name after a bench new-site command.
If I use after_install or boot_session, the new site doesn’t have company name yet (first one is entered during the setup wiz - after the first login by administrator).

Or is there any better way recommended to do this?

Thank you

And where to put this hook?
Installation or Document events?

I don’t know the right way to do this but for my app(s) I also tend to have a Singleton Doctype named “[Appname] Settings”. It’s a workaround but you can have linked fields in there and if the company name isn’t the only thing that your app requires you can put it in a central place.

Then how do you call it before the setup wizard complete? During the install of this custom app?

One problem I see is the company name inputed in the setup wizard might be different.

From other topic posts I found this hook.
It is in frappe.desk.page.setup_wizard.setup_wizard.setup_complete
I will learn it and try for my purpose.