Hospitality Domain not Found on Version 13

I had installed version 13 Erpnext system. But I didnot find Hospitality Domain anywhere. In domain setting also not available. I need to use restaurant feature. Please help

Under Domain Settings you can find it.
Choose the domian, save and reload it’ll work.

Not available.

My bench version
erpnext 13.x.x-develop
frappe 14.x.x-develop

Any solutuion ?

You’re in the development branch, try to change to a stable branch.
ERPNext: v13.18.0 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.18.0 (version-13)

How to change to stable branch ? Please help

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Yeah. I changed to stable branch and activated hospitality domain but could not see in desk. But I can access through search bar. Why it is not appearing in desk ?

Hello, how did you change to a stable branch? I need the bench command used. ’

switch-to-branch : Switch all apps to specified branch, or specify apps separated by space

bench switch-to-branch version-13 frappe erpnext --upgrade
bench update --patch

Maybe workspace was missing,
You can create new workspace and configure doctypes & Reports