Hospitality Module in erpnext 12.1 not visible

How do you activate/enable the hospitality module.Currently on my setup its not outlined like the other modules.Am using the following version:

ERPNext: v12.1.6 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.0.16 (version-12)

What i have checked so far.

1.The user i am logged in has rolles ticked for both restaurant and Hotel
2. Under domain settings, Hospitality is enabled.

Kindly assist. It seems as if the hospitality module is hidden because when i search on the search box am able to find it.

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hi @ben , may you tell me some news about this? i have the same issue.
tank you

@landaverdelbo I havent got a solution to this yet. Funny thing is that on the search tab, you can get the hospitality sub-modules. I dont know if they intend to deprecate this module as its on the beta version…not sure.Hope to get something positive from them soon.

how can we activate Hospitality Module?

Goto Domain Settings and check the box next to hospitality.


Hi @Amit_Saxena. For the current versions, this is not working. I have tried a couple of times with no success.

Here is an issue i posted on Github regarding the same:

On production, its still on beta version that is why it is not showing.