Host ERPnext on Yunohost

Hello, first post here to ask anyone if they have managed to install ERPnext on Yunohost ? There has been some attempts among the yunohost community (see this package draft) but nothing succesful, and I have seen some posts from @revant_one about this but they’re a bit old so maybe someone has some more recent insights or advices !

I’ve yunohost setup running. It’s separate from ERPNext setup.

For ERPNext I’ll recommend checkout for docker swarm + portainer ui for apps. Once that is setup you can add multiple ERPNext, frappe apps, other stacks, cron jobs and things that run on docker swarm.

If anyone else is interested to build app, I came across this post.

Thanks for the quick reply !

My goal here is really to incorporate ERPnext as a yunohost package for two main reasons :

  • i would prefer to use its great native environment (ideally with SSO, install/remove/update/backup/restore scripts and so on) rather than add layers of software management with docker and such
  • as many yunohost users i’m not a dev (or a really really noob one) so i’m merely gathering informations here to kickstart our great packaging community and provide help in any way i can

Do you think it is possible or have you found it really not worth the time ?

It is possible with link from yunohost forum. After you successfully do that there will be following questions:

  • How do I get custom apps?
  • How to run bench commands
  • I want to edit a file from erpnext source, how can I do it?
  • custom nginx configuration to reverse proxy my golang app?
  • Port based access on IP address, NO TLS required, “we’re only using it internally”
  • How to make it high available?
  • Mariadb/Postgres setup related questions.
  • airgapped/offline installation and usage?
  • multi-site
  • mult-bench multi-site

Follow general installation questions on forum/issues and you will know the depth of the problem.

Not worth

Got it, it seems like there is no simple way so i’ll stick to native yunohost solutions then…
Thanks for your time anyway !