Hosting that allows HTTPS with custom domains

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Does anyone know of a ERP next hosting service that allows HTTPS encryption for custom domains? Apparently the hosting platform does not allow HTTPS on custom domains.

I think the concern here will be transferring and keeping your private keys on the erpnext or any other host server.

Avoid sharing of your private key with others.

Keeping your keys safe becomes liability for host.

If you trust a setup wizard it is possible subject to hosts accepting the liability.

Some shared hosting providers have wizard that does setup keys and related webserver config. Such wizard or form can be easily developed using Frappe.


  • Raise issue - Support for ssl certificates on erpnext hosting
  • Host on VPS and private key never leaves the server.

Thanks for the response. Do you know of any hosting providers that can set up a VPN for us and maintain ERPnext for this purpose?

A possible “Hack” solution would be to log into your domain name registrar and put a 301 redirect on all traffic visiting to
This way users will get automatically redirected.
If this doesn’t serve your purposes get in touch via pm as I can provide HTTPS hosting.
Just need to know:
Total number of users you expect
Number of concurrent users you expect
Geographical location of business (Asia, America etc etc)
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