Hostinger VPS - ERPnext easy installation script

Hi Good Day. Does anyone of you have an idea how to install succesfully the erpnext running on ubuntu 16.04 server on hostinger vps?. Thank you

Have you tried the installation script on this repository?

If so, have you encountered any errors?
It would be better if you could provide additional information regarding the installation. The community will better know your problem.



Sorry for the late reply… it seems that some vps server has a template installed by default causing too many different errors on installing erpnext script. And to be exact the problem is between the linux os templates default installed applications and settings. In my scenario most of the default settings or application needed by erpnext script are already been setup on non vps ubuntu server unlike on vps server there are a lot of settings and applications needed to be installed and configured so i guess thats make a lot of confusion if you are a newbie handling erpnext installation procedure on vps. /