hotel management system

I am trying to put together plan for Systems Implementation for a new charity hospital in Tanzania. I am presently testing ERPNext as a vehicle for HR/Payroll and accounts and notice it comes with a Maintenance Module. A brief look at this seems to show some basic functionality but rather slanted to a service company maintaining equipment on a customers premises.

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Yes, the module is aimed at a customer type of entry but that does not prevent it from being used as an internal maintenance scheduler. The only thing you would have to do is consider creating “internal” customers for your maintenance records.

In the accounting functions, this would essentially give you an idea of how much is being spent on such maintenance for each department that has equipment to be maintained. Your accounting people should be able to help you set that up to be useful to their needs and better capture the costs of the maintenance performed.

I am not the accounting type, but I do have customers using these functions in the way described above and they find it easier than doing it offline or through spreadsheets.

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We are imlementing at Shree Hindu Mandal hospital in Tanzania. Let me know if you need any assistance.