Hotel module ERD

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I’m working with the Hospitality and especially the Hotels module but i’m quite confuse about the Doctype relationship right now ? For example: how do we know which room is available? how do reservation link with the room ? etc
Where can i find the ERD or something like that for this module?

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Hi, that is not out of the box yet. you need to work on it via custom module and custom script.
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that will quite annoying,

since if we do use custom doctypes, that means in the near future when this module is officially release we might have to rework/migrate alot.

Thats only the option you have. unless you will pay the frappe and erpnext team to built the system you want for as part of the core system that is specially design and made for you. Also i dont think you will have a problem with rework since that is a custom app im not referring to custom doctypes and on part of your data you can use the import and export function of erpnext.

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