How add filter in Report Builder

I want to add filters: from date and to date where end date is current date
where I should write code and how?

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What kind of report are you making?

If it is a Query / Script report, you need to add a js file where you can specify filters.

@nabinhait As I said it is Report Builder, I already tried the code above but it is not working.

If it is Report Builder, then you just need to apply filters once in the report and then from Menu save the report. It will save the applied filters as well.

@nabinhait How About save report filter for current date?
I am not able to save filter as function to get current date for filter.

Currently, you cannot configure filter for current date in Report Builder. If you want that you need to create a Query / Script Date.

@nabinhait Could you tell me How I can Add this feature to frappe?

Sorry, I don’t have that much idea. You have dig into the code yourself.