How add landing cost on the valuation Rate of the product

Hello All,

I use ErpNext now from 2 months, really good products, thank you.

I have a little question, I don’t understand when I put on Purchase Order a landing cost, the cost is not added in the Valuation rate of the product.

I put transport cost directly in PR and not in Landed Cost Voucher (it’s maybe the problem ?) :

How can I do, to add the cost of the landing cost on my product valuation?

Thank you very much

You can add landed cost in the Purchase Receipt as well. You have to add it in Taxes and Charges section and make sure to select ‘Total and Valuation’ or ‘Valuation’ as indicated here:

Thank you for your answer.

All the past PR, Can I set it and made a total recalculation for all product and PR?
Because currently, all were ‘total’ selected and not ‘Total and Valuation’

Thank you

You will need to cancel and amend them:

How many would they be? For a very large number, this solution may get unfeasible. Plus in case the stock has been moved or consumed, it may cause some problems. Perhaps you can try to create an LCV for them and test it out.

Thank you for your help.

Yes, I have a lot of PR, so, I will not touch it. Just I have some data no correct :smiley:

since today, all the next will be correct thanks

If you only need to correct the existing stock valuation, you can give stock reconciliation a try as well.

Like earlier, I would suggest to test this out before working on the live data.

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