How can change the limit items of link field type shown in another DocType?


I’m using the “Link” field type to have a list of items for selection in another DocType. It currently shows 20 items only until I start searching by text. How can I change it to 40? If there isn’t a direct way, may I know the name of the Python file that controls the limit in the framework so I can change it?

Thank you.


the set limit reduces the load to the data base when “opening” the field. You can just start typing some letters to find what ever you want to find. Further you can make this search easier by setting the searchfields in your doctype

In this image you can see a link field to Contact #1. The shown contacts have some more information (if set in the doctype) #2 for which you can also search:

you could also type “” in the field and would also finde “Uwe” as that contact is also holding this information.

Hope that helps.

I actually have a different challange. For some reason in one of our systems that limit is completely removed. When opening a contact link field without any customer filters the system freezes (it’s trying to load 60k contacts).

Also interested in where this can be edited.