How can ERPNext cloud customers add custom methods?

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How can a customer on the ERPNext cloud add a custom method? Basically, there’s an existing standard method that almost suits our requirement but just needs a little tweaking. I’m guessing we’ll have to copy the existing method, make the adjustments, and then add it as a custom method

Please advise


Yes, by sending a pull-request :wink:

Hi @rmehta

Nice one! :grinning:
I guess it’s about time I learnt how to do this. Hope it’s not as complicated as it looks

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Hi @rmehta

Trust you’re doing great. Don’t I need some form of permission to send a pull request?

Also, is there any step by step guide for doing this? Would appreciate any assistance



Fork project on Github.

In your local repo dir add your fork as remote. (refer Testing pull request post)

make changes and push to your remote.

Create Pull request from your branch with changes to upstream/branch

Github help

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Hi @revant_one

Thanks for your helpful reply. I’ll follow your guidelines and revert if I need further clarifications

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