How can ERPNext Handle Change in Fiscal Year?


Just a thought in my mind that with India going for a change in FY from probably 1-1-2019 would erpnext be able to handle that change.
Basically I have seen that erpnext has a few issues at hand to tackle the same and I am enlisting a few which come to my mind and would request the community to also enlist the points so that when the time comes the team is ready with the solution instead of doing a catch up. Just a heads up and nothing much its expected that 01-Apr-2018 to 31-Dec-2018 would be the last FY starting april and would have only 9 months

The few small points that come to my mind:

  1. Renaming of Fiscal Year should be possible (should be easy)
  2. Changing the year start date and year end date in a FY (don’t know how it would affect the linked transactions)
  3. Depreciation schedule would need to be changed (this could get tricky). I have been trying to think of a solution but can’t really get to do one. How could erp handle a 9month FY with regards to a depreciation schedule for 12-monthly period of posting a depreciation entry and also the future schedule of all existing pending assets would need to be changed to be inline with the new FY.

Any other suggestions and things which come to the mind would be added later.

Other than depreciation, this shouldn’t be an issue. Assuming you’re following and Apr-March fiscal year currently

  1. You create a fiscal year 2017-2018 as normal (Apr 2017 - Mar 2018)
  2. You create a fiscal year 2018 (Apr 2018-Dec-2018)
  3. You create a fiscal year 2019 (Jan 2019-Dec 2019)

As for the points

  1. As of a year or two ago, fiscal year was linked everywhere. Renaming would not scale well for anything other than the smallest implementations. However, i know that fiscal year is slowly being removed from many doctypes, so it could become feasible. However, why would we need to rename?
  2. There’s no validation or limitation anywhere that says that a fiscal year start date and a fiscal year end date must be 365 days apart. I just created a fiscal year with 18 days as a test, and it was fine.
  3. Depreciation - yes, this would be tricky

I know but currently I have Fiscal years for future as well like 2018-2019 starting from 01-Apr-2018 to 31-Mar-2019 we would need to ranme it to 2018 and change the end date to 31-Dec-2018 similarly we would need to rename 2019-2020 as well, I know I can disable the FY and make a new one but I just wanted to be sure that would that be fine with all other documents to disable an existing FY and make a new one.

As for having a 9 months FY, I know there is no validation on FY itself but lets take a scenario here with regards to the depreciation schedule only which is the most tricky thing during a FY change.

If you have posting of depreciation every 12 months then basically erpnext would miss the posting of the depreciation in FY 2018 since that would be a 9 month FY. Which would mean that there could be a issue with the users’ accounting.

Hi, my quick tests show there is this full year validation. The fiscal year saves successfully for a short period but when you open it again, it shows a full year.