How can I add a department in the User section?

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There is a department in the employee section. But how can I add a department in the User section? It is meant for authorization includes.Include I want to authorize departments.

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In which user section you are saying??
on User form, you want Department or on Employee form.
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I’m saying about this page. The department cannot be selected while the user is registering. Unable to process user table

Do you want to create Department field in the User’s Profile? If yes, add a custom link field. To know how to add custom fields, refer the following link:

1.Go to Customise form
2.Enter Form Type= User
3.Add ‘Department’ field wherever you want
4.your Label name = Department
7.Update form
8.then check you can see ‘Department’ field on User form.

Thank you . But I can’t see the user on the list

Can you do this through ‘DocType’?

Hello, just checked… Since User is a core doctype, it cannot be customised. As a workaround, you can link the user to employee doctype in the ERPNext User section of the same.

Hope this helps!

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